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Why Join Boarding School – From A Student’s Perspective


Most people do not figure out the reasons for joining a boarding school from a student’s perspective. And the interesting aspect here is that a student’s perspective in this regard is completely different than that of a parent’s perspective. However, a student’s perspective about a boarding school keeps on changing based on the time period.

For instance, most students from the early 2000s used to link boarding schools with punishment. On the other hand, the majority of students nowadays consider boarding schools as a golden opportunity to shape their future.

What do today’s students think about the benefits of joining boarding schools?

According to today’s students, boarding schools ensure wonderful opportunities for learners in terms of future career possibilities. Many students even consider boarding schools as a scope to become self-sufficient and responsible individuals that would help them become competent professionals in the future.

In other words, joining a boarding school pays off in the near future. Did you know many successful professionals and leaders (such as businessmen, athletes, actors, and so on) in today’s world started their journey in boarding schools?

The majority of boarding schools nowadays amalgamate a myriad of challenges, programs, and activities to make students ready for their future. Students consider the boarding school’s curriculum a way to ensure personal growth and learning. Needless to say, the boarding school curriculum is a way to explore various aspects of life through which a student can rectify their mistakes and become better individuals.

In short, boarding schools provide a golden opportunity for learners to make lifelong friends and participate in different constructive activities. Moreover, it is an ideal place to celebrate one’s success with like-minded people. Many students perceive boarding schools as their second homes where they transform from carefree children to responsible adults.

Many students also wish to join a boarding school to taste independence and become responsible citizens in the upcoming years. Students learn to do a myriad of day-to-day chores during their stay in boarding schools. Thus, they gear themselves up for future challenges and various situations. Children learn to voice their opinion and thoughts from the very beginning after they enter the boarding school.

In other words, boarding schools are an ideal place for children to analyze their mistakes and rectify them accordingly to become the best version of themselves. They learn how to work as a team member and get familiar with leadership skills. In addition, boarding schools teach students to become flexible in life so that they can manage their day with the ace.


It is a must for parents to learn about their child’s perspective regarding boarding school before admission is finalized. Thus, they would be able to eliminate fear (if any) and misconception from the child’s mind.

Education is essential to succeed in life. And today’s students perceive boarding schools as an outstanding opportunity to expand their horizons in terms of academics and extracurricular activities. However, it is essential to verify the shortlisted institution’s credibility, authenticity, and reputation before choosing it for your child.


Preface Institute stands as a beacon of academic excellence, offering specialized coaching programs tailored to students aiming for admission to prestigious boarding schools and the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. With a commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped for success in both academia and beyond, Preface Institute provides comprehensive guidance and support to students at crucial junctures in their educational journey.

For students aspiring to secure admission to boarding schools, Preface Institute offers targeted coaching programs designed to prepare them for the rigorous entrance examinations. These programs are meticulously crafted to cover all facets of the admission process, from mastering the requisite academic subjects to honing essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management. Through personalized attention and expert guidance, students are empowered to excel in their examinations and secure coveted spots in renowned boarding schools worldwide.

Moreover, Preface Institute recognizes the unique challenges faced by students enrolled in the IB curriculum. With its specialized coaching programs, the institute provides comprehensive support to IB students, aiding them in mastering the demanding curriculum and excelling in their examinations. Through a combination of rigorous coursework, focused study sessions, and expert mentoring, students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in the IB program and achieve stellar academic outcomes.At Preface Institute, excellence is not just a goal but a guiding principle. The institute prides itself on its team of experienced educators who are dedicated to fostering a conducive learning environment conducive to academic growth and personal development. With a student-centric approach, Preface Institute goes beyond mere instruction, offering mentorship, guidance, and support to help students realize their full potential.

In essence, Preface Institute serves as a trusted partner in the academic journey of students, providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed in their educational pursuits. Whether preparing for boarding school entrance exams or navigating the challenges of the IB curriculum, students can rely on Preface Institute to provide them with the guidance and expertise needed to achieve their goals and unlock their true potential.


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