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10 things you should consider when applying to boarding school

10 things you should consider when applying to boarding school

Selecting a boarding school is a significant decision that profoundly impacts a student’s academic and personal development. To ensure a well-informed choice, here are the top 10 factors to consider when applying to a boarding school.

Academic Reputation:

The academic reputation of a boarding school is often the first and foremost consideration for parents and students alike. It involves an in-depth assessment of the school’s curriculum, faculty qualifications, and academic achievements. Look for schools that offer a well-rounded education with a strong emphasis on core subjects, as well as opportunities for advanced or specialized courses. A diverse and challenging academic program sets the foundation for a student’s intellectual growth and future success.

Extracurricular Opportunities:

While academic excellence is crucial, a well-rounded education extends beyond the classroom. Boarding schools that provide a rich array of extracurricular activities offer students the chance to explore and develop their interests and talents. Consider the availability of sports, arts, music, drama, and clubs. These activities not only contribute to a student’s personal development but also foster a sense of community and teamwork.

Class Size and Teacher-Student Ratio:

Smaller class sizes often translate to a more personalized and engaging learning experience. In a setting where teachers can give individualized attention, students are more likely to thrive academically. Additionally, a low teacher-student ratio is indicative of a school’s commitment to fostering strong student-teacher relationships, creating an environment where students feel supported in their academic journey.

Facilities and Campus:

The physical environment plays a crucial role in a student’s overall experience. Evaluate the school’s infrastructure, including classrooms, libraries, laboratories, sports facilities, and dormitories. A well-maintained and equipped campus not only enhances the learning environment but also contributes to the overall well-being and comfort of the students.


The geographical location of a boarding school plays a crucial role in shaping the overall experience for students. It involves considering whether the school is situated in an urban, suburban, or rural setting and evaluating the impact of the surrounding environment on the student’s lifestyle and well-being.

In an urban setting, students are exposed to a bustling city life with easy access to cultural events, museums, and diverse communities. This can provide a dynamic and enriching experience, offering opportunities for off-campus activities and exposure to a variety of cultural influences. However, the fast-paced urban lifestyle may also come with increased noise levels and potential distractions.

Conversely, a boarding school in a suburban or rural setting offers a quieter and often more serene environment. Students in such schools may have access to expansive green spaces, a close-knit community, and a focus on outdoor activities. The slower pace allows for a greater connection with nature, fostering a sense of tranquility that can be conducive to focused learning.

Consideration of the climate is also integral. Different regions experience varying weather patterns, and understanding the climate of the school’s location is essential for the student’s comfort and well-being. Some students may thrive in a warm climate, while others may prefer the distinct seasons that come with a more temperate or colder environment.


Community and Diversity:

A diverse and inclusive community enriches the overall educational experience. Look for a boarding school that values diversity and fosters a sense of community among students from different backgrounds. Exposure to various perspectives and cultures enhances social skills, broadens horizons, and prepares students for an interconnected world.

College Placement and Alumni Success:

One of the primary goals of attending a boarding school is to prepare for higher education. Research the school’s track record in college admissions and the success of its alumni. A strong network, supportive college counseling, and a history of successful placements indicate that the school provides the necessary resources and guidance for students to pursue their academic and career goals.

Values and Philosophy:

Every boarding school has a unique set of values and educational philosophy. Consider whether these align with your own beliefs and aspirations. Whether the school emphasizes character development, leadership skills, a specific teaching approach, or a particular ethos, compatibility with these values is essential for a meaningful and fulfilling educational experience.

Cost and Financial Aid:

Understanding the total cost of attendance is crucial for families considering a boarding school. This includes tuition, boarding fees, additional expenses, and any potential hidden costs. Additionally, inquire about the school’s financial aid programs and scholarship opportunities. Ensuring accessibility and affordability is essential for a sustainable and positive experience.

Accreditation and Reputation:

Verify that the boarding school is accredited by relevant educational authorities. Accreditation ensures that the school meets certain standards of quality and adheres to recognized educational practices. Additionally, research the school’s reputation within the academic community and among parents and students. Positive reviews, testimonials, and success stories can provide valuable insights into the school’s overall performance and impact on students.

Preface Institute’s Distinctive Approach:

Preface Institute is renowned for its unique approach to preparing students for boarding school entrance exams. With a comprehensive curriculum designed to hone academic skills, instill critical thinking, and enhance overall personality, the institute goes beyond conventional exam preparation. This holistic approach ensures that students are not only academically proficient but also well-equipped to thrive in the diverse and challenging environment of a boarding school.

Testimonials Speak Volumes:

The success stories of students who have benefitted from Preface Institute’s guidance are a testament to its effectiveness. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the testimonials:

  1. Anirudha (DOON School): Anirudha’s journey to the prestigious DOON School is a testament to Preface Institute’s commitment to excellence. His success showcases how the institute’s tailored preparation strategies cater to the specific requirements of various boarding schools.
  2. Kridaya (DOON School): Kridaya’s achievement at the DOON School underscores the effectiveness of Preface Institute’s coaching methods. The institute’s personalized guidance ensures that each student is well-prepared to face the challenges of boarding school entrance exams.
  3. Aahna (Welham Girls): Aahna’s success at Welham Girls reflects the institute’s dedication to helping students secure admission to top-notch boarding schools. Preface Institute’s emphasis on a well-rounded development prepares students like Aahna for the unique experiences that lie ahead.
  4. Dakshita (Welham Girls): Dakshita’s journey to Welham Girls is a shining example of Preface Institute’s commitment to nurturing talent. The institute’s role extends beyond academic preparation, focusing on developing the skills and qualities essential for success in a boarding school environment.
  5. Vidhi (Lawrence Rank 1): Vidhi’s achievement as the top-ranked student at Lawrence School exemplifies how Preface Institute’s guidance ensures not only success in exams but also excellence that distinguishes students in a competitive landscape.
  6. Kiara (Woodstock): Kiara’s success at Woodstock School highlights Preface Institute’s effectiveness in preparing students for a diverse range of boarding schools. The institute’s comprehensive approach equips students like Kiara with the skills needed for success in various academic settings.
  7. Diva (Bangalore International School): Diva’s journey to Bangalore International School exemplifies how Preface Institute’s guidance transcends geographical boundaries. The institute’s expertise in preparing students for different boarding schools contributes to success stories like Diva’s.


Choosing the right boarding school is a critical decision that shapes a child’s future. Preface Institute’s commitment to excellence, personalized approach, and success stories of students like Anirudha, Kridaya, Aahna, Dakshita, Vidhi, Kiara, and Diva demonstrate the institute’s effectiveness in preparing students for boarding school entrances. With Preface Institute’s guidance, students not only excel in exams but also develop the skills and qualities essential for success in the unique environment of boarding schools. As a beacon of support, Preface Institute paves the way for students to embark on a transformative educational journey, laying the foundation for a bright and successful future.

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