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   Boarding School: Myths Vs Facts



Understanding where and how your child learns can significantly impact their chances for success. A boarding school education is often seen as a superior alternative, but there are common misperceptions about it. Explore these myths to discover the truth about boarding schools.

MYTH: Boarding schools are very rigid and formal, and my son/daughter will have to wear a uniform every day.

FACT: Each school has its unique campus atmosphere and level of formality. Not all schools mandate uniforms; some maintain formality as a special tradition, such as family-style meals. Visiting different campuses is crucial to understanding the campus life for you and your child.

MYTH: Parents only send their kids to school because they have an unhappy home or are punishing them.

FACT: Boarding school provides an alternative environment where happy, well-adjusted kids thrive. A loving home life serves as a springboard to boarding school, enabling students to grow in a new setting, becoming more independent and confident.

MYTH: My child will get into an Ivy League university if they attend boarding school.

FACT: No school can guarantee Ivy League acceptance. While many boarding school graduates attend prestigious schools, the focus is on instilling character, independence, and critical thinking skills that aid in adjusting to university life.

MYTH: Without parental supervision, boarding school students are more likely to get involved in drinking and drugs than kids who live at home.

FACT: Research indicates otherwise. Boarding school students, surrounded by like-minded peers and ethical standards, report less involvement in drugs and alcohol compared to private day and public school students.

MYTH: There is little to no free time for students to relax and hang out with friends at boarding school.

FACT: Each school differs, but most offer some free time each evening. Opportunities in dorms and classes allow students to be teenagers and relax among friends.

MYTH: Boarding schools that have “chapel” are forcing students to adopt a faith.

FACT: Chapel is a tradition, not necessarily religious, with students from diverse faiths. It serves as a class period for discussions, guest speakers, or educational and inspirational programming.

MYTH: Parents of boarding school students can’t be involved because they’re so far away.

FACT: Schools have various programs for parental involvement. While some restrict cell phone and social media usage, there are ample opportunities to visit campus and engage with your child.

MYTH: In our 21st-century world, boarding schools can’t provide anything local high schools can’t.

FACT: Boarding school students have all-day access to technology, more teacher interaction, and hands-on, real-world learning opportunities that surpass those in local high schools.

MYTH: Boarding school students have no one advocating for them when far away from parents.

FACT: Most schools have on-campus counselors or psychologists, along with a network of resources, including faculty leadership, student advisers, and off-site counselors, to support students in need.

MYTH: Boarding school is one big party that doesn’t prepare kids for the future.

FACT: Research indicates that boarding school alumni succeed at a higher rate. The resourcefulness and self-confidence developed in boarding schools contribute to independent living skills and happier, more productive lives.


Preface Institute

Preface Institute stands as a beacon of excellence in preparing students for boarding school entrance, offering comprehensive programs in both online and offline modes. With a remarkable success rate, Preface Institute has become a trusted name in shaping the educational journey of students, paving the way for their admission into prestigious boarding schools.

In the realm of online education, Preface Institute harnesses cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality preparatory courses. Through interactive online sessions, students gain access to experienced educators, engaging in real-time discussions and collaborative learning environments. The online platform ensures flexibility, allowing students to access resources and attend classes from the comfort of their homes, overcoming geographical barriers. This modern approach to education aligns with the evolving landscape of learning, providing a seamless experience for students aspiring to secure admission into boarding schools.

For those who prefer a traditional classroom setting, Preface Institute offers offline courses designed to cater to diverse learning styles. The institute boasts state-of-the-art facilities and a faculty of seasoned educators dedicated to nurturing each student’s potential. The offline mode provides a structured and immersive learning environment, fostering a sense of camaraderie among students and encouraging face-to-face interactions.

The success rate of Preface Institute speaks volumes about its commitment to academic excellence. Students undergo rigorous training, covering all aspects of the boarding school entrance examinations. The institute’s well-designed curriculum encompasses not only academic subjects but also focuses on building essential skills such as critical thinking, time management, and effective communication.

Preface Institute takes pride in its personalized approach, recognizing that each student is unique. The faculty goes beyond conventional teaching methods, offering individualized attention and support to address specific needs. Mock tests, counseling sessions, and continuous assessments contribute to honing students’ strengths and improving upon areas that require attention.

In conclusion, Preface Institute emerges as a premier institution that prepares students for the challenges of boarding school entrance examinations. Whether through the convenience of online education or the traditional offline mode, the institute’s commitment to fostering academic success ensures that students are well-equipped to embark on their educational journeys in renowned boarding schools.



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