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Doon School – Admission Process, Entrance Exam and Fee structure


Doon School is a prestigious all-boys boarding school located in Dehradun, India. Founded in 1935 by Satish Ranjan Das, it is one of the most reputed schools in India and has produced several notable alumni over the years. The school is known for its rigorous academic programs, excellent facilities, and emphasis on extracurricular activities. In this blog, we will provide a comprehensive overview of Doon School, including its history, facilities, academic programs, notable alumni, entrance exam, and the admission process, fees, and scholarships offered by the school.


Doon School was founded in 1935 by Satish Ranjan Das, a lawyer and a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. The school was established with the aim of providing quality education to Indian boys and preparing them for leadership roles in society. In its early years, the school faced several challenges, including financial difficulties and a lack of infrastructure. However, with the help of its dedicated faculty and staff, it overcame these challenges and established itself as one of the premier schools in India.


Doon School boasts of excellent facilities that are designed to enhance the learning experience of its students. The school has state-of-the-art classrooms, well-stocked libraries, and modern laboratories that provide students with access to the latest equipment and technology. Additionally, the school has a vast sports complex that includes a cricket ground, football field, swimming pool, tennis courts, and a gymnasium. The school also has several other amenities such as a music room, an art room, a theater, and a debating chamber that allow students to pursue their interests and develop their skills.

Academic Programs:

Doon School offers a rigorous academic program that is designed to challenge students and prepare them for higher education. The school follows the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and the Indian School Certificate (ISC) curriculum, which is recognized globally. The school also offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program for its senior students, which is a globally recognized qualification that prepares students for admission to top universities worldwide. The teaching methods at Doon School are designed to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity among students.

Notable Alumni:

Doon School has produced several notable alumni who have excelled in various fields. Some of the most famous alumni include politicians like Rajiv Gandhi, Salman Khurshid, and Mani Shankar Aiyar; business leaders like Naveen Jindal, Rajiv Bajaj, and Sanjiv Goenka; and writers like Vikram Seth, Amitav Ghosh, and Ramachandra Guha. The school’s alumni have also distinguished themselves in the fields of art, sports, and entertainment.

Culture and Values:

Doon School is known for its inclusive and diverse culture, where students from different backgrounds come together to learn and grow. The school’s values include a commitment to excellence, social responsibility, and a sense of community. The school encourages students to engage in activities that promote leadership, teamwork, and social responsibility. The school also emphasizes the importance of academic integrity and ethical behavior among students.

Entrance Exam:

Doon School conducts an entrance exam for admission to the school. The exam tests the student’s proficiency in English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. The exam also includes an interview round where the student’s communication skills and general awareness are tested. The entrance exam is highly competitive, and students must prepare well to secure admission to the school.

Admission Process:

The admission process for Doon School is highly competitive and selective. To be eligible for admission, a student must be between the ages of 12 and 14 years and must have completed the fifth or sixth grade. The school accepts both Indian and foreign students.

The application process begins in September, and interested students can apply online through the school’s website. The application form requires the student’s personal and academic details, along with an essay and two letters of recommendation. The school also conducts a written exam, which is followed by an interview round for shortlisted candidates.

Fee Structure and Scholarships:

The fee structure for Doon School varies depending on the grade level of the student. The school charges an admission fee and an annual tuition fee, which includes boarding and lodging charges. The fee structure is on the higher side, and students must be financially prepared to bear the cost of education at Doon School.

Below are the details for the same :

Category School Fee (per annum) Admission Fee (one time) Security Deposit (one time) Incidental Expenses (per term)
Indian Residents Rs 11,20,000/- Rs 5,00,000/- Rs 5,50,000/- Rs 25,000/-
NRI’s/Overseas Nationals Rs 14,00,000/- Rs 7,00,000/- Rs 7,00,000/- Rs 25,000/-


Age Range Registration Fee (For Indian Residents) Registration Fee (For NRIs/Overseas)
Up to 3 years Rs. 12000/- $ 600 US Dollars
3 – 5 years Rs. 15000/- $ 850 US Dollars
5 – 7 years Rs. 18500/- $ 1000 US Dollars
7 – 9 years Rs. 22000/- $ 1300 US Dollars
9 – 11 years Rs. 29000/- $ 1500 US Dollars
11 – 13 years Rs. 36000/- $ 1800 US Dollars


Also, the school also offers scholarships and financial assistance to deserving students. The scholarships are based on merit-cum-means, and students can apply for them at the time of admission. The school also provides financial assistance to students who are unable to afford the fees.

Benefits of Studying at Doon School:

Studying at Doon School provides students with several benefits. Firstly, the school has a diverse student body, which allows students to interact with peers from different backgrounds and cultures. This exposure helps students develop a broader worldview and prepares them for a global career. Secondly, the school provides ample opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities, which helps them develop their skills and interests. Finally, the school’s experienced faculty members provide students with individual attention and guidance, which helps them excel academically.


Preface Institute:

Preface Institute is renowned for preparing students for Doon School’s entrance exam. The institute provides coaching classes and study material that help students prepare for the exam. The institute’s experienced faculty members provide students with individual attention and guidance, which helps them perform better in the entrance exam. Many students who take classes from Preface Institute have successfully secured admission to Doon School.


Testimonials :

Anhad, Aaron, Dev, Raghav, Rian, Ruhaan, Ssavya, and Ayush are just a few examples of the many students who have benefitted from the Preface Institute’s guidance and support. They credit the Institute’s personalized coaching, study materials, and mock tests for their success in passing the Doon entrance exam. Here are some testimonials from these students:

Anhad: “The Preface Institute helped me improve my critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which were essential for the Doon entrance exam. Their personalized coaching and study materials were invaluable.”

Aaron: “The mock tests provided by the Preface Institute were incredibly helpful in preparing me for the Doon entrance exam. They gave me a sense of what to expect on exam day and helped me build my confidence.”

Dev: “The Preface Institute’s focus on individualized attention and support made all the difference for me. Their coaching helped me overcome my weaknesses and excel in the areas where I had strengths.”

Raghav: “The Preface Institute’s study materials were comprehensive and easy to understand. They covered all the topics I needed to know for the Doon entrance exam and helped me feel prepared.”

Rian: “The Preface Institute’s coaching was tailored to my learning style and pace, which made the entire preparation process much more effective and enjoyable.”

Ruhaan: “The Preface Institute’s support helped me manage my time better and build a study schedule that worked for me. They also helped me develop effective test-taking strategies that were crucial on exam day.”

Ssavya: “The Preface Institute’s coaching and study materials were both top-notch. They gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to excel on the Doon entrance exam.”

Ayush: “The Preface Institute’s coaching helped me build my confidence and stay motivated throughout the preparation process. Their support was invaluable in helping me pass the Doon entrance exam.”

Overall, the Preface Institute’s success rate in preparing students for the Doon entrance exam is impressive. Their focus on personalized coaching, study materials, and mock tests has helped countless students achieve their goals. It’s no surprise that the Institute has received recognition for its exceptional services and dedication to student success.



Doon School is a prestigious all-boys boarding school located in Dehradun, India. The school has a rich history, excellent facilities, and a rigorous academic program that prepares students for higher education. The school’s values of inclusivity, diversity, and social responsibility, along with its commitment to academic excellence, make it one of the most sought-after schools in India. The admission process is highly competitive, but students who are well-prepared and demonstrate academic excellence can secure admission to the school. Students who study at Doon School have access to a diverse student body, ample extracurricular activities, and experienced faculty members, which help them develop their skills and interests. Overall, Doon School is an excellent choice for students who aspire to achieve academic and personal excellence.

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