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What drives parents’ decisions to send their kids to boarding school?


Sending children to Boarding School is a big decision that parents take for the betterment of their future. Following are the essentials which have to be kept in mind while making consideration.

1.Shaping up the child to be more responsible:

Guardians have to build up a child more physically and mentally. The guardian can be a teacher or a parent. Several attributes should be built in a child when he is in school. The attributes are like discipline, independent and reliable. Boarding schools will help your child learn who to get discipline and how to be more responsible.

2.Exposure to sundry activities:

As we know that day schools and boarding schools are different from each other. Where child studying in day schools spend the whole day in academics and not in other activities and boarding schools focuses majorly on academics and also pay attention to other activities which are too important for a child in school.

3.Bonding with teachers:

Here teachers play a dual role. One, in the school hours he/she behaves like a teacher and after school hours they behave like parents because teachers also reside in a hostel and besides residing in the hostel they also help students in studies and there is no need for coaching. This creates a special relationship between students and teachers.

4.Homely atmosphere:

This is a toughest decision for both – parents and children. They sacrifice for the same so that their child can become a prosperous person in life. The hostel is the home for the student that is away from home. Other children conventionally stay with their parents and sibling but children staying in hostel spends their time with peers. This is the stage where they exchange and express their views and opinion.

5.Top class facilities-

Boarding schools are customarily termed as the schools which are remotely over the budget when compared to the customary day schools. This is due to the world-class facilities the students relish during their stay at these astounding scholastic residences.

Facilities are like -Well equipped laboratories, abundantly stocked libraries, astronomically immense playgrounds, and peerless perspicacious board equipped astounding classrooms, 24*7 medical assistance in case of any emergency, etc are some of the reasons why the parents are required to shell out some extra bucks when compared to the customary day school. But after optically discerning their child grow in such an incredible environment, it is when they feel that their efforts are paid off.

6.Smaller Bunch, Better attention:

All boarding schools have lesser vigor of students. The total vigor of the school comprises around 750 to 800 students. This will make way for better attention on each student by the pedagogical giving them an ample opportunity to concentrate on the individual performances productively and practically.

7. Learning the art of life:

Boarding school shapes the students to be more independent, responsible and stay safe by bulwarking themselves through the life skills learned at the school. Being accountable for their actions, captaincy attributes and decision-making faculties can make them better individuals for tomorrow’s land which is filled with hustle and competition.

8.The Legacy and Pride:

Some of the boarding schools are as old as around 150 years. These schools are not just learning institutions but are the pillar of history that is alive in the form of opulent architectural wonders.

It is a matter of privilege to be a component of such great legendary schools. Getting your designation in the books of history which verbally expresses that you were a bonafide student of a celebrated edifying institution is a qualification by itself that will integrate a paramount value to your professional profile.

Many more boarding schools are being set up in that area where boarding schools are available for the regime is availing a lot. So, parents need not have to worry regarding the location. Many schools are there according to your budget, according to your criteria and surely you will get the best schools for your child.

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In essence, Preface Institute serves as a trusted partner in the academic journey of students, providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed in their educational pursuits. Whether preparing for boarding school entrance exams or navigating the challenges of the IB curriculum, students can rely on Preface Institute to provide them with the guidance and expertise needed to achieve their goals and unlock their true potential.


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