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Rishi Valley School – Admission Process, Aim, Vision


Rishi Valley School, Chittoor is a co-ed boarding school affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). Promoted in 1926 by seer-educationist J Krishnamurti, Rishi Valley School is ranked among India’s premier boarding school  every year. With a sprawling campus spread over 350 acres in Chittoor area of southern Andhra Pradesh, Rishi Valley was chosen by Krishnamurti for its peaceful and serene atmosphere.


According to Dr Krishnamurti, education must focus foremost on complete human development. It should maintain technological standards among students so that they can pace with the modern world. Children will only attract the right people and ideas if they have an appreciation of nature, music and drawing. Complete growth must include inward and outward goodness.


There are traditions and cultures unique to Rishi Valley. Some practices that the school has maintained for over fifty years are the morning assembly, Asthachal and folk dancing. During the morning assembly, three times a week, the entire school gathers for singing. Children learn traditional chants, as well as songs by poets, ranging from Kabir to Rabindranath Tagore, often set in accompaniment to the traditional south Indian drum, the mridangam. The rest of the week, students, teachers, and visitors take turns speaking about various topics that interest them.

The alternative school is guided by principles of holistic education which aim for the growth of student’s intellectual, emotional, physical, artistic, creative, and spiritual potential. The educational philosophies of the Rishi Valley School include:

  • To educate students so that they are able to explore both the world and their inner being
  • To inculcate a love for nature and respect for all forms of life
  • To create an atmosphere of affection, order and freedom without either fear or license
  • Not to condition the students in any particular belief, either religious, political or social, so that their minds may remain free to ask fundamental questions, enquire and learn.


Every evening, the whole school comes together, during “Astrachal” to appreciate the changing sky. They sit in silence and quiet reflection.

Bird Watching:

Rishi Valley School is home to nearly 200 rare varieties of birds. Being an official bird sanctuary, bird watching is a regular activity for interested students. Testimonials of J. Krishnamurthy, birdbaths and rare books on ornithology contribute to a long history of bird studies at Rishi Valley. The Rishi Valley Institute of bird studies and natural history aims to protect and enrich biodiversity in the Rishi Valley and conduct short term courses on ornithology. Individual courses help create an interest in birds and bird watching as a hobby. It also aims to build awareness about the greater conservation issues and environmental problems among the general public, especially the youth.

  1. Holistic Education: Rishi Valley School is known for its emphasis on holistic education, which aims to develop the intellectual, emotional, physical, and creative aspects of a student. The school focuses on experiential learning, critical thinking, and nurturing individual talents.
  2. Natural Surroundings: The school is situated amidst picturesque natural surroundings in the hills, providing a serene and peaceful environment for learning. The scenic beauty and the opportunity to connect with nature are often praised by students and visitors.
  3. Ethos of Simplicity: Rishi Valley School promotes a simple lifestyle and an ethos of community living. Students are encouraged to live in harmony with nature and engage in activities that foster self-sufficiency and sustainability.
  4. Value-Based Education: The school places a strong emphasis on values such as empathy, integrity, and social responsibility. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of social consciousness and work towards the betterment of society.
  5. Alumni Network: Rishi Valley School has a dedicated and active alumni network, with many former students going on to excel in various fields such as academia, arts, social work, and entrepreneurship. The supportive network of alumni is often seen as a positive aspect of the school.

Academic Excellence- ICSE AND ISC

RISHI VALLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL  is affiliated to the ICSE and ISC examination boards. The emphasis at this level shifts towards an in-depth preparation of students to meet the academic requirements of the prescribed syllabi. While developing the students’ intellectual faculties, there is a conscious effort towards creating a wider awareness of the world and giving space for the development of the aesthetic, moral and emotional dimensions. The intention  is that students passing out from Rishi Valley School would grow into self-aware, sensitive and responsible human beings who remain life-long learners.



The school admits students from classes IV-XII. The school aims to not only provide academic education but also holistic development of children and places strong emphasis on inculcating in them awareness and appreciation for nature. The admission is based on an entrance exam in English and Mathematics. Post this, an interaction takes place with the student and the parents.


  1. Application: Parents can initiate the admission process by filling out an online application form available on the school’s website. The process start in august every year.
  2. Entrance Test: Prospective students will undergo an entrance test to assess their academic abilities. This step ensures that students are appropriately placed and provided with the support they need.
  3. Interview: Shortlisted candidates and their parents will be invited for a personal interview with the school’s admissions team. This step allows the school to understand the student’s aspirations and the parents’ expectations.
  4. Documentation: Upon successful completion of the interview, parents are required to submit necessary documents, including academic transcripts, birth certificate, and passport-sized photographs.



Crucial Support from Preface Institute

Mock Series: Catalyst for Success

At the forefront of Preface Institute’s holistic preparation strategy lies the Mock Series, a pivotal element in the journey towards securing admission to Rishi Valley School. These meticulously crafted simulated exams serve as a real-time litmus test, affording students a unique opportunity to acquaint themselves with the format and intricacies of the actual entrance exams. The Mock Series not only evaluates students’ strengths and weaknesses but also provides invaluable feedback for targeted improvement.

Refined Study Patterns: Tailored for Excellence

Acknowledging the diverse learning styles and paces of aspiring students, Preface Institute adopts a refined study pattern that transcends the conventional one-size-fits-all approach. Each student benefits from a personalized study plan, ensuring they receive the requisite attention and resources for optimal performance. This customized strategy aims to cater to individual needs, creating an environment where students can thrive and excel in their preparation for the Rishi Valley School’s entrance exams.

Distinctive Methodology: Beyond Rote Memorization

Preface Institute distinguishes itself through a commitment to a distinctive methodology that goes beyond mere rote memorization. Moving past the ordinary, the institute focuses on cultivating critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. Through interactive sessions, engaging workshops, and innovative teaching techniques, Preface Institute equips students with the tools not only to navigate the challenges of the entrance exams but also to approach their education at Rishi Valley School’s with confidence and resilience.


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